The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in the FreeState province has called on president Cyril Ramaposa to remove The Minister of Enterprise Pravin Godhan

In a statement issued on Thursday by the provincial Secretary Reagon Broysen, The ANCYL FreeState said it had learned with “shock” from the Deputy President David Mabuza’s admission that Minister Gordhan and the Eskom board had “misled” the President about load shedding during the festive season.

It added “We call on the President of the Country and the ANC to remove Minister Pravin with immediate effect ad appoint a young competent minister who has the best interest of our country and its people at heart”

This controversy kicked off on Thursday when Deputy President Mabuza admitted during an interview with reporters that the Eskom board and Gordhan had misled Ramaphosa into promising that there won’t be load shedding until 13 January.anc statement1

Presidency denies claim