Inkhosatana Annette Nomakhosi Dlamini, discuss the misconceptions and importance of Umhlanga(The Reed Dance)

Felicia and Mpesh, are joined by Inkhosatana Annette Nomakhosi Dlamini, to discuss Umhlanga (Reed Dance), an annual traditional dance ceremony. Nomakhosi urged young girls to learn more and remain within their culture. Furthermore discussed the misconceptions around Umhlanga (Reed Dance), the importance and the benefits of the reed dance practice, towards young girls, which includes,…

Mpumalanga Mental Health Organization Social worker, Ms Ncobile Malumang Share Light On Mental Health Issues.

Zaba D get in touch with Ncobile Malumang from Mpumalanga Mental Health Organization. In this episode, they discuss the challenges around mental health in society, from stigma, fear and types of mental health. People are encouraged to take care of their mental health as much as they take care of their physical health.