Weekly Schedule

Wiggle Tunes is an urban live streaming radio station delivering authentic and timely content and music in the digital space. The station`s audience comprises of youth and young professionals who want to be informed about the current affairs, trends and live music streaming. We entertain our listeners with a mix of music online radio shows and content that pleases their soul, speaks to their lifestyle and culture, appreciates their home language and communicates with sophistication relevance and ease.

Wiggle Tunes is a positive vibe urban live streaming radio station. In touch with conversations that resonate with people with a line of influential and popular DJ’s and presenters who are committed to celebrating people daily and delivering on the station’s promise of delivering live and timely content and sharing in real conversations and a variety of online radio shows to cater for various interests.

Our online radio shows live streaming is targeted mainly to urban youth that embraces pragmatic and successful life to actively transform with their constantly changing environment. Listen to our daily shows as we tackle all that on our different shows that cater to everyone’s preferences.